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    Address: No. 225 Xitai Road, Meicun, New District, Wuxi, Jiangsu, P.R.China, 214112
    Tel: +86–510–88550118
    Fax: +86–510–88551778
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    CeMAT Asia 2018

    CeMAT Asia 2018 –leading international exhibition of mechanical engineering, automation technologies, transport systems & logistics.

    World renowned companies will present reliable lifting equipment, high end warehousing technologies, conveying systems, traffic control systems and identification technologies. The exhibition will be held on November 6-9 in Shanghai.

    Wuxi Deli Hydraulics will be exhibiting various power units, and all kinds of high pressure gear pumps at stand# E1-2 in hall W5.

    Our technical and sales engineers will be offering you their face-to-face and professional services then.

    We are looking forward to your visiting.

    Address: No. 225 Xitai Road, Meicun, New District,
      Wuxi, Jiangsu, P.R.China,214112
    Tel: +86–510–88550118 85021581
      Sales: 8502,8505; Technology: 8401,8405
      Production: 8601,8602; Quality: 8701,8702
      Sales Hotline: +86–510–88551778 85022636
    Fax: +86–510–88551810
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